The ORGANICA building was constructed on a brownfield land,  allowing a design of a distinctive structure within the urban site . A nearly squared-shaped land plot is bordered on the north by the shopping centre Forum Nova Karolina, and on the south by the historical building Trojhalí. On the eastern side, a pedestrian zone expands from the square náměstí Biskupa Bruna all the way to Trojhalí building, creating a leisure park between Organica and the pedestrian zone. The park features circular green areas that extend into the building's atrium. The building is expanding at its outer corners while curving inward in the central areas of the land plot, creating attractive green spaces.

The gentle curves of ORGANICA building complement the context of Ostrava’s  sharp-edged urbanism.

Organica building - Ostrava


“The landing element in the shape of a four-leaf propeller has started to descend and has successfully landed on the targeted surface. Anchored in the centre of the city, it has transformed itself into a body with a new purpose.

Its four parabolic arms are symmetrically wrapped around the axes creating an organic composition. Expanding towards the four corners and shrinking along the sides allows it to open up towards its surroundings. The heart of the body is represented by a circular atrium that is also the body’s entrance passage. Circle: the relaxing zone of the inner world.“

Ing. arch. Ludvík Seko
Schindler architects
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