The ground floor consists of a reception, offices, a spacious restaurant, storage space and multiple retail units.

The ground floor consists of a representative reception, spacious restaurant, storage space and multiple retail units.
total area
1 845 sqm
230 sqm
805 sqm
805 sqm
Reception and offices
754 sqm
Organica reception
320 sqm


"Kanteen embodies the modern concept of a canteen, starting right from its location. Modern interior design, top-notch service and outstanding cuisine – describe Kanteen. Our menu includes healthy organic fresh dishes to preserve the DNA of the Organica building. In Kanteen, you will find an authentic Czech cuisine and thematic weeks focusing on specific regions."

- Kanteen (Lukáš Chlebovský)

"With our new branch, we are creating a new era for Individual.Fitness. We have made an extensive effort to digitally integrate all systems used within our operating system. Using a single chip bracelet, you can access your locker, sign into exercise machines, enjoy the BIO sauna, or start the shower. Everything is interconnected to ensure maximum comfort and reduce our operational costs, aligning with the DNA of ORGANICA. Additionally, the equipment and exercise machines are fully digitized and linked to a mobile application and client’s workout plan. We enhance our personalized approach by allowing data collection from client‘s exercise routine, aiming to boost motivation and improve results. We are excited to be part of the ORGANICA project, and look forward to welcoming clients in our new facility."

- Individual fitness (Jana Pohlová)

"The architecture of Organica sets this branch apart from the others. The café space is beautifully illuminated, allowing our customers to enjoy a splendid view of the surroundings. Curved shapes are incorporated everywhere in the interior. We have also embraced the smart concept of the building by enabling customers to place orders directly from their tables using a QR code. While QR code payments are common today, the streamlined ordering method improves our service efficiency and offers added convenience to our customers. At ORGANICA, we strive to win customers over with impeccable service and high-quality products. We keep things simple, using premium ingredients and maintaining our commitment to integrity in preparation. Our specialty coffees are roasted to perfection, featuring notes of fruit, nuts, and chocolate, all sourced locally. Set within the unique environment of ORGANICA, we are thrilled to embark on this new experience. We look forward to being part of this extensive office complex and collaborating with our fellow ORGANICA tenants."

- CØKAFE (Richard Mauler)