Organica building - Ostrava

The car park is designed in accordance with the circular architecture of the building and offers 317 parking spaces on both underground floors.


-1st FLOOR
-2nd FLOOR

Parking floors - Organica Ostrava
building level
parking spaces

-1st floor*

149 spaces

-2nd floor

163 spaces
Exterior (Ground floor)
5 spaces
317 spaces
*Charging stations for electric cars (minimum 15 spaces)
mobile application view - Organica Ostrava

Mobile application view

effective parking space - Organica Ostrava

Effective parking space use, reservation and management system

Parking space sensors connected to the parking system

Direct entrance in front of the building

1 500 parking spaces - Organica Ostrava

1 500 parking spaces for visitors in Forum Nová Karolina

parking peak hours - Organica Ostrava

Effectively covers parking peak hours

bicycle storage - Organica Ostrava

Bicycle storage

electric cars charging benches - Organica Ostrava

Chargers for e-cars